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== External Links ==
== External Links ==
[http://www.passagewestmonkstown.ie/cork-harbour.asp| Guide to Cork Harbour with Map]
[http://www.passagewestmonkstown.ie/cork-harbour.asp Guide to Cork Harbour with Map]

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Cork Harbour is one of the largest natural deep water ports in the world. As such to the Royal Navy, as part of the occupying British Forces, it was considered to be of vital strategic importance in protecting their Atlantic fleet.

Fort Meahers dock with Fort Davis in the background

To protect the harbour, four fortifications were built. Fort Camden and Fort Templebreedy, both in Crosshaven, Fort Westmoreland on Spike Island and Fort Carlisle in Whitegate.

Entrance to Fort Meagher

In addition to the four fortifications, there was also a naval base established on Haulbowline Island which is the current base of operations for the Irish Naval Service.

External Links

Guide to Cork Harbour with Map