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==Primary Equipment==
==Primary Equipment==
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Image:Lanjan09.jpg|Current LAN setup January 2009.
Image:Lanjan09.jpg|Current LAN setup January 2009.
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Announcements.png This information is deprecated. It should be considered end of life and should not be used in any production setting

Primary Equipment

This list is terribly out of date. Check back for an updated version soon

Below is a list of my primary equipment that I use pretty much everyday. I have quite a lot more than below but those are only in occasional use.

Hostname CPU RAM Total HD OS Services Physical or Virtual
adpdc.sweetnam.eu P4 2.66Ghz 512MB 2 x 120GB Windows 2003 Active Directory, DNS and file. Physical
shepard.sweetnam.eu P4 3Ghz 1024MB 80GB FreeBSD 7.0 Squid Transparent Proxy and Network Gateway Physical
mail.sweetnam.eu Xeon 3Ghz 1024MB 146GB Ubuntu 6.06LTS Mail server (Zimbra) Physical
mckay.sweetnam.eu P4 3Ghz 2048MB 160GB Debian 5 Lenny Primary Web Server Physical
jackson.sweetnam.eu P4 3.2Ghz 2048MB 160GB Windows XP Workstation Physical
hp9000.sweetnam.eu PA-RISC 440Mhz X 2 1024MB 18GB HP-UX 11i MySQL Physical
hammond.sweetnam.eu Core2 Duo 2.16Ghz 2048MB 120GB OS X 10.5.6 Leopard Physical
sparc1.sweetnam.eu UltraSPARC III+ 900Mhz 1GB 76GB Solaris 10 Webserver Physical
sparc2.sweetnam.eu UltraSPARC III+ 900Mhz 1GB 76GB Solaris 10 Experimental Physical
cache.sweetnam.eu PIII 700Mhz 512MB 40GB OpenBSD 4.5 Squid Reverse Proxy Physical
chickenlittle.sweetnam.eu PII 300Mhz 320MB 20GB FreeBSD 7 Web Server Physical


Connectivity is currently provided by a Cisco 837 DSL Router for internet connectivity, and an HP Procurve 2524 switch.

Here are two pictures that only show a few of my main machines. As soon as I tidy the rest of the room I will add some more :-)