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== External Links ==
== External Links ==
[http://www.passagewestmonkstown.ie/haulbowline-island.asp| Brief History of Haulbowline Island]
[http://www.passagewestmonkstown.ie/haulbowline-island.asp Brief History of Haulbowline Island]
[[Category:Irish military bases]]
[[Category:Irish military bases]]
[[Category:Cork Harbour Fortifications]]
[[Category:Cork Harbour Fortifications]]

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Haulbowline is an Island in Cork Harbour and is the current headquarters of the Irish Navy.


Satellite Image of Haulbowline and Rocky Island from Google Earth

At a strategic and deepwater position in the harbour, the island has long been a military base. The island was first fortified in 1602, and initially an important base for the British Army. Later, the British Army moved to nearby Spike Island, and the fortifications were handed over to the British Navy. The Navy established a large arsenal on the island, and a naval dockyard was built during the Napoleonic Wars.

Unlike the other fortifications in Cork Harbour, which formed part of the treaty ports, the dockyard was handed over to the Irish Free State in 1923.

External Links

Brief History of Haulbowline Island