Using your Blackberry 8707v as a 3G modem for your Windows PC

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This information is deprecated. It should be considered end of life and should not be used in any production setting

I recently got a Blackberry 8707v which is 3G enabled. The purpose of this was to allow me some sort of inexpensive broadband type access while travelling. Vodafone Ireland have an 3G option for ones account where you can pay €49.95 a month and have a 5GB limit.

So how to set it up as a modem.

Step 1. Install the Blackberry desktop software and connect up your device.

Step 2. Double click on the Blackberry Device Manager icon in the system tray and enable the option to Start Device Manager on Startup.

If the software went ok you should now have a new device available in the Phone and Modems control panel. As you can see in the screenshot, mine is installed as a standard modem using COM4.

Step 3. Go to Start --> Connect To --> Show All Connections.

Step 4. Use the new connection wizard to create your connection using the modem entry for your blackberry.

Step 5. Enter the phone number as *99#

Step 6. We now need to go to the modem control panel. Select the Blackberry modem from the Modems tab and click on Properties and then go to the advanced tab.

Step 7. In the text field for the extra initialization commands you need to enter the following


Click ok and now your connection is complete. You can now dial a connection as you would using a normal modem and you should have a 384k connection or if you are lucky enough to live in one of the enhanced 3G areas your connection speed should be 1.2Mb.